This page will show you how to create a basic LED Pattern for your INFINITE or VENTURE. It also has instructions on installing new LEDs in the INFINITE and VENTURE, troubleshooting your LEDs, and replacing the Blinky Tape (LED) Controller.

Adjust your LED Settings

You can use PBU to enable, disable, and designate LED patterns for different activations.


Launch Photo Booth Upload and press S to open the settings.


Navigate to the Misc tab.


Here you'll find a section for LEDs:

Select the corresponding Blinky tape (LEDs) from the Port drop down. Select Refresh to update the list.

Refresh Interval (ms): Adjust the value of time the LEDs will refresh themselves

Edit Patterns: Adjust the color patterns that play for various booth activations and operations.

Click Enable LEDs to enable LED control through PBU. This does not turn off the LED's native patterns if unchecked.

Edit Patterns

You can assign different LED patterns to play during different operations of your booth.

When you select Edit Patterns from the LEDs menu, you'll see the following options:

Here we have different modes of operation that you can assign patterns to. Select the drop down menu beneath each operation to choose from preexisting light patterns. If you would like to upload a new pattern, select Open File beneath each operation. If you would like to remove a pattern from an operation, select Reset.  If you would like to delete patterns from the existing menu, find the pattern in the drop down beside Delete Pattern. Then select Delete. Click OK when you are finished making your adjustments.

Create your own LED Pattern

Any LED patterns you make should be PNG files, and they must be 475 px high (as the LED strip is 475 LEDs high). The length of time the LED pattern plays is determined by the width of the image file. The speed at which your pattern plays is determined by the Refresh interval (ms) setting in the Misc tab of PBU settings. The video below will explain more.

475 LEDs high on INFINITE

150 LEDs high on VENTURE

29 LEDs high on SIDEKICK

Installing New INFINITE LED

Installing New VENTURE LED


Troubleshooting your LED's


If you are experiencing issues with your LED's, open the booth and locate the wires that stem from the base of the LED's.  Ensure these wires (black and red) appear solidly connected to the machine.  After doing so, locate the small controller (small button under clear plastic that coats the wires) to manually cycle through the light patterns to test any working aspects.  If the LED's remain inactive, continue to the next step. 


Launch PBU and press S to open the Settings.  Then select the Misc. tab. In the LEDs section make sure LEDs are Enabled

press Refresh and select the Blinky Tape in the Port.


If you're still having trouble, close PBU and open Pattern Paint (It should be pre-installed in your INFINITE or VENTURE). 

Select Blinky Tape and hit OK.

If you're having trouble with Pattern Paint, you can reinstall it by downloading the software HERE.


Press Play in the top center and you should see a red light going around part of your LED strip.


Most issues should be fixed now. If you're still having trouble and/or portions of your LEDs aren't functioning, proceed to step 6.


Open the Tools menu in Pattern Paint and select Restore Firmware.


After the firmware process is complete, select File > Preferences and make sure the Blinky Tape Maximum Brightness is set to 80.


Select Tools > Scene Configuration.

For INFINITE: in the Fixture section set Type to Linear and Height to 475. 

For VENTURE: in the Fixture section set Type to Linear and Height to 150.

When you click OK you will be asked if you want to resize patterns. Click Yes.


Select Tools > Save to Blinky. Note: Whatever pattern is selected in Pattern Paint when you click Save to Blinky,

will be set as the default pattern when the booth is on and PBU is not running.


You're done! When you close Pattern Paint it will ask if you want to discard the changes to the files. 

Select Discard to return the default Pattern Paint files to their normal size. This will not affect the new default pattern saved to the Blinky Tape controller.

INFINITE Blinky Controller Replacement

VENTURE Blinky Controller Replacement


If you're still experiencing issues.  Please contact us at with as much information as you can and we will be able to assist you with any other troubleshooting methods as well as review the warranty status for the particular unit.