Here we will review the PPU Helper tab that appears on PPU Kiosk.  The first half will cover the Windows version while the second will cover the iPad version.  Follow along below to review the information and options available on this tab.

Windows PPU Helper

PPU Helper on Network:  Select available Helpers from the drop down. Click Refresh to refresh the list or Manual if you want to manually connect to your Helper IP address. For more information on manually connecting, please refer to our Manual Connect tutorial HERE.

Selected Event: Select your desired event from the drop down available

Assign Kiosk Printer: Select a designated printer for media printed from this Kiosk. For more information on Selecting a designated printer, please check out our tutorial HERE

Assigned Kiosk Flipbook Printer: Select a designated printer for Flipbooks printed by this Kiosk.

Allow print only after share: Select this to notify your guests they can only print their media after sharing. When enabled, 2 fields will appear allowing you to add images warning your guests that they must do so.

iPad PPU Helper

Wi-Fi: This will display the name of the wifi network you are currently connected to.

Active Event: This will display the event that is currently selected in the connected Helper.

Helper Location:  Adjust between...

  • Manual: Select Manual then type in the IPv4 address of your PBU computer into the text box below. For more information, please refer to our Manual Connect tutorial HERE
  • Autodetect: Select autodetect then Search for Helper to have kiosk automatically detect PPU Helper. Make sure you're on the same network and your firewall is off.

You're now familiar with the PPU Helper tab on Windows and iPad Kiosk!