Our Unique URL is highly customizable if you use your own custom HTML. This tutorial will show you how to enable Custom HTML, and what tags and code you have to use.

You should have some knowledge about HTML before you attempt using Custom HTML.

Part 1. Enabling Custom HTML


Login to Event Manager at login.photopartyupload.com and create a new event or edit a pre-existing event.


In the settings of your event, select Extras and navigate to Graphics.  Check the box that says Remove Photo Party Upload Branding.

If you aren't using your own Facebook App make sure you click the CLICK HERE link in the yellow box at the bottom of the page. This is required even if
you aren't using Facebook to share.


If you've enabled Unique URL in any of our sharing platforms, navigate to Sharing > Unique URL.

Scroll down below the WYSIWYG editors and check the box labeled Use Custom HTML Template.

You'll copy your HTML code into the box that appeared below labeled Custom HTML Template.

Part 2. Creating your HTML


Our default template with all tags and code in place can be found HERE or by clicking the link in the yellow box below the Custom HTML Template field.

Note: The code required in the <HEAD> section has changed since May 1st, 2017, as we no longer use a fancybox to display the content in a pop up window. Please make sure you use the template above and copy the code exactly.


The styles that have been used in the template linked above are what we use on our site. Some of these are not needed if you are creating your own sections or hard coding elements.

The ones that you must include are the ones that reference .gallery.image, .gallery.video, .gallery.vr360image, .gallery.vr360video, .video, and .frame.

You are free to modify the widths and heights of the gallery styles to suit your own design. We've also included different styles for different screen sizes.

If you'd like to add a border to the gallery elements you can add your border elements to the .frame img style.


When creating your own HTML content, refer to our list of tags that must be used to place your uploaded content into the generated Unique URL. The list with definitions can be found HERE or by clicking the link in the yellow box below the Custom HTML Template field.

Some of the tags are required, such as the [[IMAGE_GALLERY]], [[VIDEO_GALLERY]] and [[VR360_GALLERY]] tags. Whilst others can be left out if you are hard coding the content into your HTML, such as [[HEADER]], [[FOOTER]], [[BACKGROUND]], etc.


As we now have two options for buttons you need only add the tag for the option you require. Either [[CUSTOM_SHARE_BUTTONS]] when using our default buttons or [[ADDTHIS_FOLLOW_BUTTONS]] when using AddThis buttons.

Note: If you're using AddThis buttons you should also include the [[ADDTHIS_TRACKER_ID]] tag on your page so that AddThis can track the shares. You'll put the AddThis tracking code into the appropriate field in your event settings.

That's it! Copy your code into the Custom HTML Template field and Submit your event normally.

You can test your microsite using the Test link in Event Manager:

We strongly recommend you also sync the event to your Helper and upload a test image/video/GIF via kiosk. You can then be absolutely sure your custom HTML works properly. It's also a good idea to test the microsite on multiple devices!

If you're using the default share buttons, you must share through Kiosk to test them. The buttons will not be functional through the Test site in Event Manager.