Welcome back! If you haven't looked through Part 3 yet, please do so before you continue with Part 4.

In this tutorial we'll go over the last three sections of Event Manager: Options, Extras, and Overlays. We'll focus on the important things and save the rest for another time.

At the end we'll show you how to submit and save your event.

- Options

Options covers Data Collection, Digital Props, Facebook Like and Check-in, Video and GIF options, Kiosk graphics, and Image upload size. We'll skip Digital Props, Facebook Like and Check-ins, and a lot of the less important options.

1. Data Collect

The Data Collect section deals with all the data that is saved in the Event Data spreadsheet during your event. That includes email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter and Instagram handles, and much, much more. Most clients are very interested in this data so please pay close attention to these settings. You'll learn how to download the Event Data spreadsheet in Part 5.

Collect user data is the most important check box and is therefore enabled by default. If you disable Collect user data you will NOT save any user data!


There really is no reason to disable it otherwise. You don't have to download the user data spreadsheet if you don't want to, but your client may change their mind and ask for their data later. You wont be able to turn on Collect user data after your event and retrieve it. The data will only save if it is enabled during your event.

Enable Collect Emails will require that each guest enter an email address for each share regardless of the type of share. If a guest prints a photo, shares to Facebook, etc., they will be asked for an email address. Those addresses will be saved in the Event Data spreadsheet.

2. Video/GIF

Video/GIF will adjust the settings for any videos and GIFs that you share.

By default, Upload video and Upload animated gif are enabled. If you disable them, videos and GIFs will not appear in the Kiosk app and will therefore not be shareable. We recommend you keep them enabled!

Add video overlay will prompt you to upload an overlay file. Any video that is shared will have this overlay placed on top of it. It should be a PNG with transparency and the same size/aspect ratio as any videos you make.

3. Graphics

This section will allow you to change the default buttons and background of the Kiosk app.

Upload Full Size Images will not reduce the size of the images shared. When that option is disabled, a 4x6 image will be shared at 526 x 788 pixel resolution. That is usually good enough for social media shares and will reduce your data consumption on mobile internet. However, if you want your guests to have the highest quality photos, you should enable this option.

Note: Disabling Upload Full Size Images will not affect print quality from PPU.

- Extras

The Extras section has many options to enhance your event. You can add a Survey, enable RFID, charge guests for sharing, remove Photo Party Upload branding from emails and microsites, enable background removal in Kiosk, and many more. All options in the Extras section will incur an additional fee if you are using either the pay per upload or unlimited per event packages.

1. Graphics

The most important section of Extras is the Graphics section. Here you'll be able to remove our branding from emails and microsites, add a logo to the upper right corner of Kiosk, and enable the background removal feature in Kiosk.

Check Remove Photo Party Upload Branding to remove Powered by Photo Party Upload at the bottom of emails and microsites. You'll also be able to use custom HTML in emails and microsites once that is enabled. In the Custom Facebook via text box that appears, click the CLICK HERE link in the yellow box to automatically fill all required fields and use our default unbranded Facebook app.

2. Statistics

With Statistics you can generate a graphic representation of the event data spreadsheet to give to your clients. It contains pie charts, estimated social reach, a list of social media accounts with the most followers, and more.

To enable it, simply check the box labeled Enable Graphical Stats. You can activate it before, during, or after the event. The link to download the Graphic Stats pdf will be below the Event Data link on the main Event Manager page. The link is named Show Statistics.

- Overlays

With the Overlays feature of PPU, you can add an overlay to all your photos. The overlays will appear on your images in Kiosk and when they are shared.

You can upload a different overlay for Portrait, Landscape, and for the Slideshow. We recommend your overlays be the same size and aspect ratio as your photos. The overlays must also be PNG images with transparency.

- Submit Your Event

When you've set up your event the way you like, press the green Submit button on the left. You'll be presented with a screen displaying a summary of your event settings. Below that will be a box with Photo Party Upload Terms and Conditions and an Accept button. You MUST click Accept or your event will not be saved!

You'll know your event has been submitted successfully once you see the main Event Manager page and your event in the events list.

The event list will only show events with dates two weeks in the future and two weeks in the past. To change the date range, click the drop down list labeled Filter(s) and select Custom.

That's it for Event Manager! Whew! There's a lot more you can do with your event, so make sure you have a look at our many tutorials under Photo Party Upload > Event Manager.

In Part 5 we'll go over downloading your event settings and setting a Watched folder in the Photo Party Upload Helper tool. You can find Part 5 HERE!