Photo Booth Upload Processor runs in the background of your system and will log the processes made from PBU (photos, videos, GIFs, Morphs, etc.). Sometimes media can become stuck in the queue and it can be helpful to verify if the media is being created successfully. Here we'll review Photo Booth Upload Processor and learn how to retry failed processes.


Once you attempt to create anything in PBU, the processor will appear in the system tray like so:


Double click on the icon. A window will appear with a tabs for Photo, Video, Gif, Zoom-Scape, Morphing, VR 360, and Share. These tabs will display files that have been created in each category. Here is an example and details from the Video tab below:

Notice that the File name is displayed along with information on the file, the Date and time of the process, and the Status of whether or not the process was successful. If you find that any files have Failed to process, you can select Retry Selected or Retry Failed to retry processing one or multiple files. You can also choose to Clear Completed and Delete Failed to remove any excess files from being displayed on the processor.


When you click on the Share tab, the contents of the chart are mostly the same, with a few added columns.

The Session Email will display the collected email of the guest if the Enable collect Emails option is turned on in the settings of your event. The Date displays the date and time, the Type column will indicate the instruction being sent to Helper. It could appear as any of the sharing options available but can also display Processing Completed when PBU finishes processing some files. The Status will display the status of the process.

Processor - FAQ

Why Aren't my Processed Photos Appearing in my Output Folder?

This could be happening for several reasons, but one common one is that the DB File (Database File) is corrupt and needs to be deleted to make room for a new one. Another sign that this is the issue is that the PBU Processor icon (Pink PBU icon with a gear on it) will be duplicated multiple times in your systems tray (arrow at bottom right corner of screen along with your Helper Icon). To resolve this issue simply delete the file located in C:\ProgramData\Photo Booth Upload\DB