You can create slow motion videos using PBU. Depending on the type of camera you're using, you can achieve different speeds of slow motion. You can use a DSLR at 50% speed (depending on the model), The Canon M50 at 25% speed, but in this tutorial we will use the Point Grey Flea 3 camera as it can do up to 12.5% speed! Follow along below to learn how to configure your slow motion camera with PBU to start creating slow motion videos.


With your slow motion camera already plugged in, launch Photo Booth Upload and click S to open the Settings.


Navigate to the Camera tab and under the Video Camera options select Slow Motion Camera. Also, you can set Main Screen Camera to use the Slow Motion Camera if you like. If you're using a DSLR or M50, set the Video and Main Screen Cameras to DSLR.

Note: If using the slow motion camera, we recommend you set the Video Mode for the slow motion camera to 960x720 @ 120 fps.


Select the Slow Motion Camera tab in the middle of the page to adjust your slow motion camera settings. Once selected, you should see the name of your slow motion camera as well as a preview.  If not, PBU will notify you the Camera is Not Ready.  If so, click Refresh.


Once the camera has been detected, use the Orientation, Crop %, Video mode, and Color Settings to adjust the quality and look of the camera. We generally recommend setting the Video Mode to 960x720 @120 FPS. Please note the larger the resolution, the longer the processing time may be.


After configuring the Camera settings, navigate to the Video tab. Here you will create and manage the settings of the slow motion video for a particular activation. Select a video to edit from the table or click Add Video.


On the Add Video window, Name your video and navigate to the right side of the window to Video Mode. Then click Slow Motion.


Notice once Slow Motion is selected, options for Recording Duration appear. Adjust the Recording Duration for how long you would like the video to be. Please note that the longer the video the longer it will take to process. We recommend slow motion videos to generally be approximately no longer than 5 seconds. This leads to relatively fast processing and a manageable final video length (13.5 seconds).

There is also an option to include Video Segments. Video Segments are segments you can create that will adjust the speed of the video for a specific duration. Click the + button to add your first segment.


Now a window will appear allowing you to adjust the start and end times (in seconds) and the speed of that segment. For this first example, I chose to have my video play really fast at 200% speed from 0 to 1 second. Once you have configured the duration and speed of your first segment, click OK.


Now you'll see the first segment you create under the Video Segments list. Repeat creating video segments at various speeds until you have created enough segments to complete the duration of your video. Here is an example of a variety of segments to complete the duration of my 5 second video:


Once you have chosen the variety of segments you want, you can configure any other settings you wish to apply to your slow motion video on the video window. If you are content with you selected options, click OK at the bottom of the window.


With the settings of your video configured, navigate to the bottom of the screen to the Video Format and Video Size options. Choose the options that best suit your needs. We recommend WMV Format, at Medium quality with 720p video size.  As stated, the larger the quality and video size, the longer processing times will be.


Lastly, navigate to the Video mode at the top of the Video tab and choose which Video Mode you desire. Once selected, click OK at the bottom and you'll be all ready to create a slow motion video!


Congratulations!  You've now completed creating a slow motion video!