Welcome to Part 3 of our Photo Booth Upload Getting Started tutorials! You should have gone through Parts 1 and 2 already. If not, you can find them HERE and HERE.

In this section, we'll go over the basics of PBU Page Designer, where you can design photo layouts and strips. We'll create a basic layout for a 6x4. Let's get started!


On the Main Screen of PBU, Press S on your keyboard or triple click the bottom right corner of the screen to open Settings.


You should now see the Preferences tab of PBU Settings. At the top, click the third tab from the left to open Page Designer.


Welcome to Page Designer! As usual, we'll focus on the important stuff.

At the bottom you should see a lot of ready-made photo layouts. These are the Page Layouts that are included with PBU. You're free to use and edit them as much as you like!

For this tutorial we'll create a new one and start from scratch.


The Page Design we'll make is a 6x4 layout with two photos.

Typically, 6x4 graphics are at 1800x1200 pixel dimensions. Most of the time you only need a png with transparency since it'll cover everything but the photos, but you can still have a background if you like. I've created some graphics that we'll use for the remainder of this section. You can download them HERE.

Click Create New Page Layout.


In the new window the first thing you should do is give your Page Design a name. You should always give whatever you create a unique name since it can be referenced in other parts of the software. You'll find the Name field in the top left corner of the new window.

On the right, under Page Size, you'll notice there are different size options. 6x4 is the default when creating a new Page Design, so we'll leave it there since that's what we're making.

Next, click Browse in line with Background Image File and find the background file you would like to use. Do the same for Overlay Image File.

Your window should now look something like this:

Your Page Design graphics are set up! We now have to tell PBU how many photos we want to take and where to put them.


On the bottom right of the screen next to the Photo Holders box, click the + button. A new window should appear that looks like this:

If you're using a DSLR, all the default settings are what you want. You can hit OK and go to step 7 or continue reading for a brief explanation of the important options.

  • Message will display text before this photo is taken. Common examples are "Smile!" or "Go Crazy!"
  • Photo Aspect Ratio is the aspect ratio of the photo holder. For best results it should match the aspect ratio of your camera. For DSLR this is typically the default 3:2.
  • Stretch Mode will adjust the photo in the photo holder if it is not the same as the aspect ratio. The default is Crop.
  • Green Screen will allow you to assign a green screen background for each individual photo holder.
  • Advanced at the top of the window will allow you to position the photo holder with inches or pixel coordinates.


After clicking OK, you'll now have a photo holder with the #1 in the center of your Page Design:

Click and drag the red area to move the photo holder around. Click and drag the green circle on the photo holder to change the size or rotate the photo holder. You can also use these keyboard shortcuts for precise adjustments:

  • Arrow Keys to move the photo holder
  • Z and X to rotate
  • N and M to change size
  • C to center the photo holder in the Page Design

Try placing the photo holder in the upper left corner at a slight angle.

Next, press the + button again and hit OK in the pop up window. Place the 2nd photo holder in the bottom right corner at an angle.

Your Page Design will now have 2 photo holders at angles, and should appear something like this:

If you want to adjust the positioning of your photo holders, you must first click the photo holder number in the box on the right. To adjust the aspect ratio, stretch mode, green screen, etc., double click the photo holder number or right click it and select Edit.


Press OK at the bottom of the Page Layout window.

Back in the main Page Designer tab, select Auto Apply in the Page Design Mode box at the top center of the window. Press the Select button that appears on top of the thumbnail of your newly created Page Layout.

Auto Apply will force PBU to use the selected Page Design whenever anyone takes a photo. User Select will give your guests options to choose from.

Press OK at the bottom of the screen to save your settings and return to the Main Screen.


Let's take some photos! Press the Photo button and your two photos will take depending on your photo trigger settings.

Looks great!

That's it for our getting started series! Woohoo! Hopefully, you've learned enough to feel comfortable with Photo Booth Upload and some of it's features.

We have A LOT more tutorials on our support page that will teach you practically everything in PBU. You can find those by clicking Photo Booth Upload at the top of this page.

There's so much that the software can do, and we hope you get a lot out of it. If you have any feedback or need additional support, please don't hesitate to contact our support department directly! The easiest way is to click New Support Ticket at the top of the page, or you can email us at support@laphotoparty.com

Thanks very much, and enjoy Photo Booth Upload!