If you find you need to replace the flash in your INFINITE please follow the directions below to learn how to do so.

Removing the Flash from the INFINITE


Look at the flash from underneath and where the flash sits in the slot. There will be a tightening ring.


Loosen the tightening ring.


Unplug the sync cable, then slide the flash up the slot and pull it out. Please note you may have to rotate the flash head (the top part of the flash where the bulb is) sideways to the left or right. 

In order to reinstall the flash, please note that you'll have to rotate the flash head to the right or left again!

What to replace the Flash with?

For the flash - even though it's the same model, different batches come from the factory with different inputs - sometimes they have sync cable inputs (referred to as male - that look like a headphone jack) and sometimes they have a pc input (referred to as female - they have the pc input that is the silver disc like input). The hot shoe itself has 2 outputs - one is male (looks like a headphone jack) and one is female (looks like the silver disc). With the "lumopro" logo facing toward the back of the booth, the female output is (should be) on the left, male on the right.

If you are replacing the left flash you would need a female to female sync cable or a female to male sync cable.

If you are replacing the right flash you would need male to female sync cable or a male to male sync cable.

Flash with use of the green battery eliminators

For a flash to use the green battery eliminators, the battery door needs to be modified using a Dremel tool. A channel needs to be cut next to the battery contact points, and a small exit hole needs to be cut in the battery door. Otherwise, the wire will prevent the door from closing and/or create issues with the battery contact points. Please see these pictures for examples:

The wire needs to be placed in the little channel and then out through the gap in the door.

If you would like us to prepare a flash for you, we will purchase a flash from Amazon and ship it to you. If your flashes are out of warranty, we will charge for the flash, shipping, and a small prep fee.