You can use the Favorites and Tagging feature within PPU Kiosk in conjunction with collect emails and surveys to include metadata on your guests media. Metadata is data that gives extra information to other data.  With this feature, metadata such as a favorite picture, associated email, and survey questions can be applied as metadata to a particular image and referred to later after downloading the image file. Follow along below to learn how to use these features.

Notes: These features will only function correctly while Enable Collect Emails and a Survey are enabled. If you are unsure on how to Enable Collect Emails click HERE. If you need assistance creating a Survey, click HERE. Furthermore, metadata can only be collected on images in jpeg format. This feature will not work for GIFs or Video activations.


Launch PPU Kiosk and click S or double click the antenna button to open the settings.


Navigate to the Advanced tab.Then locate and click the Favorites and Tagging button.


You'll be presented with the following options that can be enabled:

Email Tagging: Includes the collected email as metadata. Enable Collect Emails option MUST be enabled in your data collect settings on your event at Event Manager for Email tagging to function. Follow the tutorial HERE to learn how to Enable Collect Emails.

Email Favorite Selection: An option will appear beneath your media in the PPU Kiosk Library that allows your guest to distinguish their favorite. There will also be a gold star that appears on favorited media that is selected. Any media sent that has been marked as favorite will include metadata labeled 'Favorite' when downloaded.

Number of Allowable Favorites: Limit the number of Favorites your guests can choose in a single session.

Survey Tagging: If a survey has been enabled, the answers of the survey will be included as metadata on the media when it has downloaded.

BCC Email: Include an email to automatically have any sent media sent to an alternate address. You can include more than one email by placing a comma between the addresses.


Once any favorite or tagged images have been sent, download the media.

Please Note that right click and saving the image will not transfer metadata. The media must be downloaded. The image will be sent as an attachment in the BCC email, to make downloading easy.


Right click on the downloaded image and scroll down to Properties. The select the Details tab. Notice under the Description category there is an option for Tags. The tags will indicate the email collected, whether or not it is a client favorite, and answers to the survey questions depending on your enabled settings. It will appear like so:

There you go! You now have a way to acquire more information from your guests by applying Favorites and Tagging to your media using PPU Kiosk!