This section we will cover the options available to you under the Options > Graphics section in the settings of your event. Here you'll have the ability to adjust the size of the images guests receive, add custom backgrounds to PPU Kiosk, and customize the PPU Kiosk share buttons. Follow along below for more details.

Image Sharing Size

Choose what size images your guests will receive by choosing the available Image Sharing Size options. The size options include:

Custom Kiosk Background

Select Custom Kiosk Background to upload a file that will appear as the background for your PPU Kiosk sharing stations. When enabled in your event, the following information and button will appear. Select Upload a file to upload an image from your computer.

Custom Kiosk Buttons

This tutorial will teach you how to change the default sharing buttons in PPU Kiosk into images that you create. Any image you upload to replace buttons will be resized to fit the available space in the Kiosk.  For the best results we recommend making rectangular buttons.  Follow below for information on set up.

Please Note:  The buttons will resize in PPU Kiosk but we start the dimensions of the buttons at 244x168 pixels.


Go to and create an event.


Select the Options tab on the left, then click Graphics at the top of the page and check the box for Custom Kiosk Buttons.


Below the check box you will now see a variety of Upload buttons, one for each button type, e.g. facebook, twitter, etc. For the best results we recommend using rectangular buttons. However they will automatically resize to fit the space.


 Simply upload your button images for each category and save your event. Refresh the Helper tool and you should have your new buttons in Kiosk!

You're now prepared to adjust Image sharing sizes, add custom backgrounds, and adjust buttons in PPU Kiosk.