Thank you for purchasing the VENTURE!

We are dedicated to helping take your business to the next level. 

Below are a few simple and important steps to get you ready for all the amazing capabilities of your VENTURE:


SIGN UP for a Photo Party Upload account!

This can be done from any computer on any browser.  You need this account to access to Event Manager, where you will create events and manage printing & sharing.

We recommend our users start with the $0.10 per upload plan. The first two weeks are free and you won’t be charged if you don't use the service. Printing is always free!

Sign up here:


WATCH our video on how to assemble your beloved new booth!

The user manual and setup video can be found here:

The password is letsparty


JOIN Our Facebook User Group for an incredibly talented and helpful community of photo booth owners.

Join the group here:


EMAIL us at to schedule a full walk-through demo of your VENTURE booth and LA Photo Party software. Demos can be scheduled from 11am to 4pm PST Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Before your Demo

- Sign up for a PPU account (see above). 

- Watch our video overview of Event Manager:

- Connect your booth to a power outlet, turn on the computer, and connect it to the internet.

- When you're ready, run AnyDesk (the red diamond icon on the desktop), and give us a call at your appointed time. 

- Give the support team a call at 323-473-4883.