Here you can learn how to to set up your brand new VENTURE photo booth!

Venture Set Up Video from LA Photo Party - Products on Vimeo.


Begin by placing the base of the Venture on the ground.


Next pull out both pole pieces. The pole with the longer joint is the bottom pole and the pole with the shorter joint is your top pole.


Take the cable snake, and feed the cables through the center of the top pole. The male end of the power cord should be at the bottom and the female end will stay the top.


Then feed the cables into the center of the bottom pole so that the male end slides through the bottom and connect the two poles. Finally, feed the male end of the cables through the base and mount the poles to the base joint.


Once you’re done, wrap the cables around in a horseshoe shape and feed the female connections back inside of the pole.


Now you can lift the Venture head and slide it onto the top joint.


Open the side door of the Venture and retrieve the female ends of the cable snake.


There should be a total of five cables to connect:
The main power supply - your booth’s source of electricity
2 USB extensions - These allow you to connect your booth with printers and other usb devices
1 HDMI cable - which can be used with a television to show a slideshow
And 1 ethernet cable - to provide wired internet connection.


Plug each cable into the appropriate port. The 2 USBs can plug into either USB input.


To power your photo booth, plug an extension cord to the male end of the cable snake at the bottom of the booth.


Once connected, you can turn your booth on by pushing the silver button on the left side of the booth.


When the computer has finished booting up, connect your booth to an internet source wirelessly or using the ethernet cable.


Then open Photo Party Upload and log into your account. If you have an event already made, all of your event data will automatically begin syncing.


While this is syncing, you can open Photo Booth Upload and begin to configure your photo booth settings.


To adjust the brightness of the LED ring light, turn the dimmer switch on the left side of your booth, adjacent to the power button.


To modify your flash settings, open both doors of your booth and locate both strobes. Make sure your flashes are always set to S2. To intensify the brightness hit the “+” sign. To decrease the brightness hit the “-” symbol. We recommend you never reach the maximum brightness on both flashes.


To add a tablet to the back of the booth, center your tablet mount so that all of the screw holes are visible. Install each screw in an X pattern.


Adjust the grip of your mount to fit the width of your tablet and gently slide your tablet inside. Tighten the grip with the provided allen wrench.


To provide constant power to your tablet, plug in the tablet adapter inside of the booth and feed the cable through the hole at the bottom your Venture head unit and connect it to the tablet.


When everything is configured and arranged to your liking, add the bounce card to the top of your booth last for a finishing touch.

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