When creating a Green Screen, you can apply and customize multiple overlay layers that will appear over the image. You can also add blend modes to these layers, much like in Photoshop. Follow along below to learn how to set this up, and for a few examples.


Launch Photo Booth Upload and press S on the keyboard to open the settings.


Navigate to the Green Screen tab and select an existing green screen to edit or select Create New Green Screen.


Enter a Name, and add any Background or Overlay image files you wish to use. Any overlays applied here will appear ON TOP of overlays applied with the multiple overlay layers feature.


Click the arrow button that says Text & Layers to the right of Color Adjustments. As you click the arrow, different settings become available. Click the arrow until you're on the Overlay Layers section. It will appear like so:


Select the + button to add a layer. This layer can accept any image file, not just PNGs! You can apply as many layers as you would like, and you can adjust their order by dragging and dropping their names in the Layers list.

To remove a layer, select the layer you would like to remove and click the - button.

Please Note that the overlay image must be the same size as the green screen background/standard overlay image, or the overlay layer will be stretched to fit the image.


Select various option in the Blend Mode drop down menu to apply different effects to the selected Overlay Layer. Then adjust the Opacity slider to adjust the level of transparency of the selected layer.

The different Blend Modes will generally lighten or darken the layer and what's underneath. We use the same math as Photoshop, so if you like, you can learn about what each Blend Mode does by following this link: http://photoblogstop.com/photoshop/photoshop-blend-modes-explained


Once the layer has been configured, select OK at the bottom. Make any other adjustments you wish to your Green Screen and you will be all set using overlay layers!

Here are some samples of what you can achieve with Blend modes.


This one was created with two overlays and a white background. The first overlay is the yellow and hot pink triangles with text, and the second is the gradient below set to Screen.


The samples below were also created with the Screen blend mode. The overlay was an image of a city skyline. They were both shot over a white backdrop, and did not use green screen keying (threshold and softness were set to 0).

Notice that you can see the city skyline in the background of first image and not the second. We removed the appearance of the city skyline in the background by simply increasing the contrast of the image in the Color Adjustments section of the green screen edit window.