If you need to replace the old barrel plug connectors for the LED power (all booths made after June 2016 do not need to replace their LED power connectors) you should have received a kit in the mail. If you did not, you can purchase the barrel plugs from this link:


1. Locate the barrel plugs which are connected to the red & black cables on the right hand lower side of the booth.

2. Take the red cables and cut the wires on both ends of the barrel plug connectors with wire cutters or scissors.

3. Gather all three red wires and insert them in to the new connector, one wire per hole (make sure that the wires go all the way in to the connector so they touch the opposite wall).

4. Use a pair of pliers to clamp down on the connector sealing the wires in place.

This video will also walk you through the process:

repeat these steps with the black wires.