Photo Party Upload has two methods to add share buttons to Unique URLs: AddThis and default share buttons. This tutorial will cover the default share buttons options in Event Manager.


Unique URL microsites can be enabled by clicking on the "generate unique url" checkbox under the Email, Facebook, and Twitter sharing tabs in your event settings. Enabling Text Messages (SMS) will automatically enable Unique URL.


In the UNIQUE URL sharing tab, scroll down to "Share Buttons" and select Default. This will generate a list of share buttons you can enable on your microsite:

The buttons will display horizontally below your files on the microsite:

Please Note: Default Share Buttons will not work in Test microsites in Event Manager:

To test, you must share from PPU Kiosk or the PBU share screen.


Sharing Buttons:

Download Button:

The download button will allow guests on PCs to download their media directly to their PCs. The download button will not appear on iPhones due to iOS limitations on downloading from the web. Guests with iPhones should still be able to long-press images and GIFs on the page to save them, but they will not be able to save videos. Android phones will be able see and use the Download button.  If iPhone users want to save a video file to their camera roll, they must use the Email or Instagram buttons, to send the video file as an attachment. You can also enable email in your event (not the share button in the Unique URL), and set it to send media as an attachment.

Email Button:

The Email button allows guests to e-mail themselves their media as attachments or to e-mail the link to the microsite to themselves or to their friends.

You can adjust the text in this dialogue box and the look of the e-mail in the unique URL settings of your event.

The Use Email sharing settings to use the same settings you set up in the e-mail sharing tab, or set specific settings for these e-mails in the settings box.

You can also set the text that will appear in the dialogue box when a guest clicks the e-mail button:

Note: All default share button emails will be sent by the server designated in the Email tab.

Facebook and Twitter Buttons:

The Facebook and Twitter buttons allow your guests the ability to share their media to Facebook or Twitter via their browser. An excellent feature for social media because most guests will already be logged in on their devices! No need for them to remember their password.

You can set the buttons to share media directly to Twitter or to share the link to the microsite. Facebook only allows sharing of the microsite link.

When sharing photos directly, after guests click the Twitter button they will get a popup to enter a comment to go with each of their photos.

You can set the content for this dialogue in the Unique URL settings:

Sharing Microsite Link - If you share the microsite link, the sharing will occur through the Facebook or Twitter dialogue.

Note: If using a custom domain you cannot share photos direct to Twitter, you must use microsite link sharing.


Instagram Button:

The Instagram button opens a dialogue where users can enter their email address.

The dialogue content is editable from the Unique URL settings in Event Manager.

When a guest fills out the form, they will get an e-mail with "instagrammable" versions of their files attached. They can easily post these attachments from their phone to Instagram. This system will automatically convert GIFs (which are not able to post to Instagram) to videos (which are able to be posted on Instagram).

You can customize the email sent to the guests when using the Instagram button. We usually give instructions to use a specific hashtag when posting.

Note: All default share button emails will be sent by the server designated in the Email tab.