If your booth wobbles, this tutorial will teach you how to stabilize it. There are tension tabs that we don't adjust prior to shipment as we think it best to let the you them to your personal comfort level.


The base and bottom poles have tensioning tabs that can be pushed out to help stabilize the base and pole, and keep them from separating when removing the head. 


There are 8 tabs (4 on the base and 4 on the bottom pole). Try starting with just 1 on the base and 1 on the bottom pole.

Use a strong screwdriver (one that won't break) or small pry bar and very gently push outward on the tabs on the base and the bottom pole. Do not push out the tabs on the top pole! Doing so may make it very difficult to remove the head unit from the pole.


The tabs should just gently push out against the tape like this. It doesn't need a lot. Just enough to add a little tension.

Test the fit by assembling the booth with both poles and the head unit.

If it still wobbles, pry open a second tab on both the base and bottom pole. You want to find a balance between stability and easy of disassembly. If the tabs are pushed out too far, it will be very difficult to disassemble the booth!