It is always a great idea to have back up equipment in case hardware begins to fail during your activation. Below are a list of items we recommend having on hand in case the worst occurs.

Canon DSLR

Camera AC power Adapters

Rear Tablet

Keyboard / Mouse combo

Hot Spot (We typically use Verizon MIFI Jetpack)

Hot shoe

Sync Cables (3 different kinds and a splitter depending on ports)

Flashes (Speedlight)

PC Power Cable

Monitor Cables

USB Hub:

Older booths - amazon basics hub

booths w/older DH170 shuttle - monoprice Usb hub

booths w/new DH270 shuttle - monoprice USB-C hub

Please Note: We sell a backup kit for the monitor / computer / and cable snake. If you're interested in any of these items, feel free to refer to our store for the backup kit HERE