When purchasing or transferring a PBU license, please be aware of these restrictions.

1. Photo Booth Upload licenses purchased online (from laphotoparty.com or from within your PPU account at login.photopartyupload.com) may be transferred from PC to PC up to 4 times (5 total activations) during their designated lifespan. 

2. Lifetime PBU licenses purchased online may only be transferred within the first 5 years of their active lifespan.

3. Once activated, PBU licenses that were purchased online cannot be transferred between PPU accounts.

4. Deactivating your Photo Booth Upload license will will not prevent that computer from accepting an entirely new license in the future.

5. PBU Licenses that are provided with LAPP Photo Booths (INFINITE or VENTURE) are married exclusively to their assigned booth and original owner. Should the INFINITE or VENTURE be sold, the new owner must purchase a new license and the old one must be deactivated. Since the booth licenses cannot be purchased online, please contact LAPP Support at support@laphotoparty.com or by calling (323) 473-4883 for further details and assistance.