This tutorial will explain the various options for RFID tags and readers, and how to order them. Our suppliers for RFID tags require at least 6 weeks to manufacture and ship custom tags, so please make sure you give yourself enough time. Any orders made under the 6 week cut-off will incur a rush fee. We can ship an RFID reader and some sample tags for testing with a lead time of 1 week.

After you've selected your tags, please email us at with the style and quantity you want. We'll also need any artwork you want applied to your tags.


Felt sliders are the most popular, but there are other options available. They are displayed in order of price, from low to high.

Paper Bands:

Felt Sliders:

Elastic Bands:

Plastic Key Fob:

PVC Card:

Silicone Bands:

RFID Tag Pricing

Final cost will depend on lead time, quantity, and customization. Below is a table with rough estimates to give you an idea of cost.

Paper Bands

QuantityUnit PriceSub-Total

Custom artwork adds a $150 set up fee.

Felt Sliders: 20% more
Elastic Bands: 25% more
Plastic Key Fob or PVC Card: 35% more
Silicone Bands: 50% more

RFID Readers

Each RFID reader is $250 plus shipping. Depending on quantity, we can deliver most orders with 2 weeks lead time.