PBU gives you the ability to morph a human face into a non-human face (like a cat, or a monster, or a monster cat zombie... anything, really). Using the Static Image (non-human face) option in Morph will allow you to customize the position of special tracking points in the Face Place Holder. This makes it so that specific features of the Guest's face will transform into the corresponding features of the non-human face.


First, if you haven't already, please familiarize yourself with the Morph feature in PBU by reviewing our tutorial HERE. It may also help to review the human-to-human Morph tutorial, located HERE.


On the "Create Morphing" screen, add a new Morph Image, by clicking the "+" symbol by that window.

The "Add Image" pop-up will appear. Select the "Static Image (non-human face)" option and click the "Open File" button to select and upload the non-human face image that you wish to use.

For example, we're going to use this kitten


Once you've uploaded the image, you should see the filename for the image you uploaded in the Morph Images list. Click on the name in the list and the image will appear in the preview. Make any size/position adjustments you to suit your image and activation needs. 


Once you have the image positioned where you want it, click the "+" button beside the "Face Place Holders" list. You'll notice that the overlay which appears is a human face, but with a number of green tracking points. If you don't see the tracking points immediately when the Face Place Holder is added, click on the non-human image filename in the Morph Images list (in this case "kitten.jpg") and you will see the tracking points then appear on the Face Place Holder. 


Select the Face Place Holder from the list by clicking on it. Then, using the green dot controller to scale and position the Face Place Holder so that it is generally around the same size as the non-human face in the image...

You'll notice that, because the face isn't human, the eyes and the mouth and the nose aren't quite in the right place...


Click and drag tracking the tracking points that appear on the Face Place Holder to the corresponding points on the non-human face, like so...

You can highlight multiple tracking points at the same time by holding the "Ctrl" key while clicking; or, you can use a selection box to activate several tracking points at once by holding the "Shift" key, then clicking and dragging the cursor within the image.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the lines connecting the dots can't overlap too much. If the points are moved in such a way that the morph cannot be rendered, you'll receive an error message and will be prompted to make corrective adjustments.


Be sure to set up a Guest Image with Face Place Holder, as well (see Morph - Overview for more details) 


Test your activation and watch your Guest's face magically transform!