You can brand your VENTURE using vinyl wrap. Follow along below to learn how to vinyl wrap your VENTURE. Please refer to the files HERE for any additional needs.

Design Tips


Determine which kind of base you VENTURE has either:



Open the VENTURE vinyl wrap template illustrator file. If you have not already done so, you can acquire the generic template file HERE.


Look at the top two layers of the Illustrator File. Make sure the layer that matches your base is turned on, and that the other is turned off.


Add your artwork within each vector shape.


Do not distory the shape or size of each vector.


Once you've finished designing your vinyl wrap, be sure to embed all images, and change all text to outlines, to prevent your art from converting to generic fonts when submitted to print.


Hide or delete the layer labeled "guides".


Save your final design in .AI, .EPS. or .PDF file format.

Application Tips


Fill a spray bottle with warm water and a small amount of soap.


Spray the soapy water over the surface you're about to immediately wrap. This will allow you to adjust, move, or remote the vinyl while applying.


With a partner, carefully guide each piece of vinyl wrap from one edge to the other on your booth.


Once the vinyl wrap is placed, used a hard object (I.E credit card, drivers license, etc) as an applicator to remove any bubbles and excess water. Wrap the applicator in a towel or rag to prevent damage on your vinyl wrap surface.