You can install a Ring Light to your INFINITE booth for wonderful light effect. Follow along below to learn how to install the Right Light. This tutorial applies only to the original model of INFINITE Ring Light, released prior to 2020.

INFINITE Ring Light Installation Tutorial from LA Photo Party - Products on Vimeo.


Open the INFINITE door on the monitor side and apply one of the Velcro pieces below the DSLR lens.


Line up the ring light and attach it to the Velcro that was just placed.


Open the back door of the booth and run the rest of the dimming system into the INFINITE.


Place the second Velcro piece near the right camera shelf on the rear corner of the INFINITE booth.


Drop the plug through the hole on the camera shelf and plug it into any of the open outlets on the power strip.


Attach the dimmer control to the Velcro on the shelf with the rotary switch facing up


Once positioned and the light has been adjusted, close the doors of the booth and you're ready to go!