Looking for an upscale, unique, and fashionable way to integrate videos and GIFs for your next party? Projection videos are our new obsession. LA Photo Party will design a custom video with any pattern, branding, or video imagery that projects on to a blank backdrop or wall. Guests can pose, dance, and party in front of the projection and then share their experience with the world. No green screen necessary! For more information on how we do it, follow along below.


  • A projector that has a high contrast ratio and is really bright. We used the one found HEREĀ for the video seen above.
  • Projection Mount: More information coming soon
  • Optional: A tent or enclosure to make sure your space is dark enough to see the effects of the projection
  • Optional: A white screen background to capture the projection

Set Up:

Typically the projector is placed on top of the booth. However you can position the projector where ever is most convenient. Furthermore, to get the most out of the effects of the projection, we recommend conducting this in a dark space. Using a tent or some type of enclosure is beneficial. When setting up for slow motion, we recommend not exceeding 60fps. If you go to 120 fps, you may see some flicker from the projection. That is unless you use a high frame rate projector (which can become very expensive.)

Please Note: The projection will be very bright and will be bright on your guests eyes to be facing toward.

Check out some of our set up shots below: