This tutorial will walk you through how to create a 4 frame green screen GIF in PBU, with examples and graphics files for you to download. This tutorial should be used in addition to our existing tutorials, as we'll only cover the basics of creating a green screen GIF.

We're going to make the GIF you see below (please supply your own dog). It will require the set up of 4 different green screen backgrounds and overlays, which will be applied to the GIF.

Please go to this folder and download the 4 green screen overlay and background pairs:


Open PBU Settings and navigate to the GIF tab.


Click Make New GIF and a new window should appear.


In the upper right of the window, click Load Bulk:


You'll now be asked to select all the GIF background images. Find the folder where you saved the downloaded images from earlier and select all the jpg files. Click OK.

Now select all the PNG overlays and click OK.


You should now be back at the GIF edit window. You'll notice that there are 4 frames in the left column, and each is associated with a different green screen that was automatically created with Load Bulk.


Give your GIF a name (I named it Color), and click OK.


Back in the main GIF tab, select Auto Apply under GIF Mode, and click the Select button on the thumbnail of your GIF at the bottom of the screen. On the right, I would suggest setting the Image Size to Medium.


Click OK and you're done! Click Animate on the screen to capture your GIF!