Welcome to Muse Mosaic! A powerful software that allows you to make beautiful mosaics of your event photos. These Getting Started tutorials will walk you through a basic setup of a mosaic event while covering some important details. Each part will give you the tools and knowledge to be confident in selling a Muse Mosaic event to your clients.

Let's get started!


First, download and install Muse Mosaic from HERE. The software will function without a license, but each of your mosaic images will have a T-R-I-A-L watermark until it is licensed. You can learn about purchasing and installing a license HERE.


After installation, you'll notice that a folder named Muse Mosaic was made on your desktop. DO NOT delete or move this folder! It is very important for the functionality of the software and must remain on the desktop. There are a few sub-folders in the Muse Mosaic folder that we'll go over later, but for now, just know that they're important.


Start Muse Mosaic by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. You should see this window appear:

Welcome to Muse Mosaic! As mentioned earlier, we'll only go over the most important features in this series.

There are several tabs on the side menu ribbon and a few items on the top menu ribbon. The important tabs for a "standard" mosaic are the first four: Home, Billboard, Event Admin, and Live Progress. We'll go over the important settings of each of those, and leave the other tabs for other tutorials.

Have a look at the two folders at the bottom of the window: Waiting room folder and Watched folder. The Waiting room folder will hold images that have not yet been approved to be added to the mosaic (if you're moderating your images), and Watched folder is where approved images that you want to appear in the mosaic will be stored. Clicking the file path of either will allow you to quickly change where these folders are. But there's a better way!


Click Create a New Session in the column of buttons on the right, and name your mosaic session in the pop-up. You will be notified that a new set of folders will be created. The new set of folders is the subfolders within your session. Click OK to proceed to create your new session.

Open the Muse Mosaic folder on the desktop after doing this, and you'll see that there's a new folder with the name you just typed in. Inside that folder is an input folder, double-clicking it, will open the folder to reveal the watched folder by which you should store all your images. The Mosaic will be built from the images in that folder.

That's enough for this first part. In the next tutorial we'll go over setting up your Billboard, the thing you're attaching your images to! Click HERE to continue!