The Live Viewer is a window that displays the live progress of your mosaic as it's being generated. It can display on the same monitor as your Muse Mosaic software or another connected monitor. Muse Mosaic offers a number of cool options related to this feature. 


To access the Live Viewer, navigate to the Live Viewer tab in Muse Mosaic.


In the Detach Viewer section, you can determine whether or not you want your Live Viewer to appear Full Screen (filling the entire, currently active monitor screen) or if you want it to Show in Window (which will provide a an additional window containing the active Live Viewer for you to move around your desktop or connected monitors as you see fit.

The Open Mosaic Viewer button in the Detach Viewer section launches the viewer, and the Start (/Pause) button controls the progress and creation of your Mosaic. This has been included here for convenience, since changes to the Live Viewer may be made  on the fly at an event, and one may want control over the progress of the Mosaic during that time.


Viewer Options

The Viewer Options allows you access to the following:

  • Color background when selected will show a solid color (of your choosing, using the selector provided) in the space on your Live Viewer where tiles have yet to be placed.
  • Billboard background when selected will show the billboard image in its entirety as your mosaic images are added to it during the creation of the mosaic.
  • Show time will display the date and time on your Live Viewer
  • Show Countdown will add to your Live Viewer a numerical countdown of the number of images remaining to complete your mosaic.
  • Show Winner locations will display in the Live Viewer which tile spaces are the "winner" for contest mode.
  • Target amount of images / minute allows you to set the target number of images you wish to have placed per minute in your mosaic. This will adjust your image placement speed based.
  • Estimated image placement speed displays the estimated placement speed based on your current settings. You can predetermine a desired placement speed using the Target amount of image / minute feature, above.


The Live Viewer contains a few sub-tabs of additional settings, as well. Click the links below for more information on each: