Tile Dynamics allows you to animate the "Image Movement Path" of your tiles as they are added to your mosaic in the Live Viewer.

 Launch the Mosaic Player and run a test mosaic to see the effects of the changes made in this section.

  • Animate each frame after placement: When checked, enables the animation feature in the Live Viewer.
  • Type of image path: It is a drop-down list from which you can select from a number of available animation effects and styles of image placement in the Live Viewer
  • Image static showing after fade in (seconds): Allows you to select how many seconds the image will be displayed on the Live Viewer before following its image movement path to be placed in the mosaic.
  • Image move speed: This allows you to determine how quickly images are to be moved into their respective tiles. This is also the duration for how long the animation of the image movement going into the tiles will be.
  • Starting size (%): Allows you to indicate how big you want the preview of the to-be placed images in the live viewer to appear prior to being placed.
  • Slow animation start when flying the image into the mosaic: Allows you the stylistic option of slowing down the beginning of the animation, when checked, giving the impression of the animation "revving up"
  • Fade-in/out time of image (seconds): Allows you to control the fade-in/-out duration of the image during the Live Viewer animation.
  • Show tiles flying out and in with the mouse-click: It is a neat option that will help you answer your guest's question, "Hey, can I see my photo in the mosaic?" With this box checked and the Mosaic Player active, navigate to the Live Progress tab and click on one of the placed images in the mosaic preview. Now observe the Mosaic Player and you'll see the image that was clicked enlarge out to the foreground, then return, using the same movement path type selected in the Live Viewer settings.
  • Image static showing when large  (seconds): You can indicate how long the preview of the images should remain on screen before being placed onto the digital mosaic.