Promotions are also known as adverts, are pieces of the content located in a separate folder in your session which is not part of the mosaic but will appear at predetermined intervals in the Live Viewer. Your guest will be watching the mosaic form and every so often, an ad of your choosing/creation will appear.


The first step is to select your folder of Advertisement content. There is an Advertisement folder available in your session by default. Feel free to place your content in that folder, or click the "Promotions folder" file path link in the Media Selection section to pick a folder on your PC.


Select which pieces of the content you wish to have appeared as advertisements during the session by clicking the checkbox on the appropriate thumbnail.


In the Promotion Settings section, you have a few options:

  • Activate Promotions: Check this box when you are all set up and ready to activate commercials for your session.
  • Frequency (Promotions/hour) allows you to determine how many times your ads will be shown in one hour of mosaic progress.
  • Promotion duration (sec) allows you to determine, in seconds, how long the ads will appear on the screen before the Live Viewer resumes display mosaic progress. This duration control only affects images and not videos. Video adverts will play for the full duration of the video itself.
  • Promotion sequence allows you to select whether you want ads to play in the order they have in the Media Selection window (as shown), or if you prefer you can randomize their display.
  • The Test Commercial button will immediately display your advertisement in the Live Viewer. Keep clicking the button to see each selected ad in sequence. 
  • Video Pause/Start: You can also use the Test Commercial button to test video commercials that you've checked in the display box above.