This guide will explain the functions of the Preferences Tab and the License Tab.


1. Regional Settings: This feature allows you to set the display of your measurements of your billboard size and any displaying of physical measurements within the software to inch-foot or the metric system.

2. Language: You can choose from a list of languages that the software supports and changes the software's language scheme to the language you selected. 

3. Naming Conventions for Saved Images: You can choose from a list of 3 naming schemes for how your placed images will be name.

4. Confirmations and Options: This feature allows you to decide how you want to operate the software. 

  • Show Confirmation of Actions: This will ensure that every action deem critical by the software when clicked would prompt you for confirmation.
  • Always save the latest settings at exit: The latest mosaic settings will automatically be saved upon exiting of the software if this option is checked.
  • Demonstrator Mode: This will repeatedly show a mosaic being built up from your current images folder, where images fly in all the time.The flying mode will only be visible on the same detached viewer, so this cannot be shown during an actual live event. You'll need a second system to make this happen. 

You can learn more about how to register a license in our Licensing Tutorial.