This guide will explain the functions of the File Tab in the Menu bar of Muse Mosaic.


  • Save Mosaic Settings: Allows you to manually save your mosaic configuration settings. It provides a shortcut to use ctrl+s to save while you are working in the different tabs.
  • Save Mosaic Image: Allows you to immediately save your mosaic image regardless of the current live progress. This feature functions the same as the "Save Mosaic" button in Event Admin -> Save Mosaic Image Tab
  • Load Mosaic Settings: Allows you to load your settings file which is saved with a ".mprx" extension.
  • Load Recent Mosaic: This option functions the same way the "Load Recent Mosaic" button does. It allows you to recover a mosaic that you've recently created or exited.
  • Import All: Allows you to import your full mosaic backup. The backup file is saved as a ".mmx" file.
  • Reset to Defaults: This option will reset your mosaic software to use the default settings and the default session folder.
  • Export Settings: Allows you to export your mosaic configurations in a ".mprx file". Please keep in mind, this option does not export any graphics. Thus any configuration that involves modifying a graphic directly will not be included. You would want to export a copy of your settings first before using the save mosaic settings option
  • Export All: Clicking this option will export a full backup of your mosaic along with all the images and data associated with it. The saved filed is a ".mmx" file which can be used to restore your mosaic later.


1. Regional Settings: This feature allows you to set the display of your measurements of your billboard size and any displaying of physical measurements within the software to inch-foot or the metric system.

2. Language: You can choose from a list of languages that the software supports and changes the software's language scheme to the language you selected. 

3. Confirmations and Options: This feature allows you to decide how you want to operate the software. 

  • Save Image Name: You can choose from a list of three options on how the naming format for your placed images should be.
  • Show Confirmation of Actions: This will ensure that every action deem critical by the software when clicked would prompt you for confirmation.
  • Always save the latest settings at exit: The latest mosaic settings will automatically be saved upon exiting of the software if this option is checked.
  • Demonstrator Mode: This will repeatedly show a mosaic being built up from your current images folder, where images fly in all the time.The flying mode will only be visible on the same detached viewer, so this cannot be shown during an actual live event. You'll need a second system to make this happen. 
  • Always create backup when clearing or loading from file: Checking this option will indicate to the software that you want it to create a backup of any settings file whenever it is loaded or cleared.
  • Rebuild the mosaic from the original images: You can rebuild a mosaic using the original images that were used in the specific session folder.
  • Pause the mosaic dynamics after mosaic completion: Selecting this option allows you to pause all the tile dynamics, animations, and adverts when a mosaic is complete.
  • Check for update at start: Checking this option will allow the software to automatically check for new updates every time you launch the software.

Check for Update Button: You can manually check for new updates if you choose not to have the software automatically check for new updates.