This tutorial will go over two very important sub tabs (Event & Location Logs) within the Advanced Tab. 

Event Log

The event log records various information relating to the operations of the Muse Mosaic software. The event log will always begin with 3 main log records (version number, date, and version expiration date).

1. Version Number: This is the first permanent record within the Event Log which indicates the version of your Muse Mosaic software. This information can also be found on the bottom left corner of the Muse Mosaic application as well as within Tools -> User Preferences -> License -> Check for Updates. 

2. Today's Date: This is the second permanent record within the Event Log is today's date. It will always display the current date that the application is opened on. Today's date can also be found in the bottom right corner of the Muse Mosaic application.

3. Version Expiration Date: This is the third permanent record within the Event Log that indicates when the current version of your Muse Mosaic will expire. If you do not update to a newer version of the software by the expiration date, your current version will be rendered useless. This version controlling is to ensure that you have the latest version of the software that is supported by LA Photo Party.

4. Event Records: These are any records of information recorded about the software's operations right below the Version Expiration Date. These records of information will always have a timestamp indicating when the error was recorded followed by a description of the specific error. 

*The event log is very useful in helping to keep track of what is happening with the operations of the software application and can be used to track critical errors. 

Location Log

The location log records information about the locations of each placed image on the mosaic grid. This information can then be used to track down each individual image and its location on the grid in the event an image was misplaced on the physical mosaic grid.

1. File Names with Print Locations: This section shows the name of the placed images and the locations on the digital mosaic that the images were placed directly corresponding to the locations on the physical mosaic.

2. Automatic Location Logging:  Checking this checkbox will automatically enable location tracking of each individual placed image and records that data in the "File Names with Print Locations" section. This box is checked by default, and normally, it should never be unchecked. 

3. DEL List: This option allows you to completely clear the "File Names with Print Locations" section. This action will wipe all the location log data recorded for the current session. This option should never be used unless absolutely necessary.

4. Placed Image Preview: This section is a preview viewer. If you select a record of a location log data from the left, it will display a preview of the place image here. You can also double click this image to open it with your computer's default image viewer. 

Searching for a placed image using its location will also display a preview of the image within the viewer. 

5. Search String:  Allows you to enter the location of a place image and displays it in the Preview viewer. 

*The location log data is extremely helpful in tracking down misplaced images on the physical mosaic.

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