The Billboard tab in Muse Mosaic is where you will set up and design your mosaic Billboard Layout. This is the numbered grid onto which your printed tiles will be placed to create your physical, assembled Mosaic. (If you are only creating digital mosaics, this tab doesn't concern you).

The Billboard tab:


The Billboard Layout section shows you a graphical representation of your billboard given your current settings. 

  • Use the Fill to fit checkbox to get a full view.
  • Use the zoom slider at the bottom to zoom in and out, and the scroll bars on the window to navigate your view. 
  • The invert checkbox will swap whites and blacks in the layout.
  • Press the Refresh button to ensure that all changes to layout settings are reflected in the Billboard Layout section


The Billboard settings section will display the current tile X/Y ratio based on your tile size and the size of your billboard image. Here you can make changes to how the layout appears.

  • Gap between cells allows you to adjust the space between the tile cells in the layout. At "0" there's no space at all. As the number increases, so does the "gutter" space between each tile and those surrounding it.
  • Line thickness allows you to embolden the lines on the layout, making them thicker or thinner as you see fit.
  • The Line Color and Text Color sliders allow you to increase or reduce the intensity of the black (or white, if inverted) for the lines and the text respectively. 


The Create multiple pages option allows you control over the print settings for your layout since you will most likely not be printing your layout with an industrial poster-sized printer. Here you can make adjustments to match your printer paper and settings. 

  • The Save Billboard button will save the billboard to your computer per your current settings, in whichever format you have selected.
  • Select a format, PDF, PSD, or PNG. If you want to print over multiple pages, PDF will be selected by default.
  • Set the Print edge (inch) if you want to add an edge/margin to your layout for printing.
  • Check the Create multiple pages box if you're going to be printing over multiple pages. Select the paper size from the drop-down and select the orientation you wish to use (Landscape or Portrait). With this selected, you'll see a preview of how the pages will print given the current settings, and PDF will be automatically selected from the format options.