The Live Progress tab of Muse Mosaic is where you can initiate and monitor the progress of your mosaic as it is being created. Here you can also monitor and manage your tile print queue.


Before beginning your mosaic, determine if you want Automatic Printing. With this checkbox enabled, every completed page of tile images (as determined by your printer/print settings) will print automatically once the page is filled with its allotted number of tiles. 


After you've double-checked all of your settings and are ready to begin your mosaic, press the Event Active button. Your mosaic will begin to form per your settings as images are collected in your session's watched folder. The Event Active button will slide right which indicates the mosaic is live, if you press it again, it will PAUSE the mosaic.

Observe your mosaic as it forms. Check the Fill to fit box to see an overview of your entire mosaic. Uncheck this box and use the slider that appears to zoom in and examine the mosaic more closely.

You can right-click on any one of the images in the mosaic preview and you will be presented with additional options:

  • Replace this image will allow you to swap out the placed image on the mosaic for a different image file of your choosing.
  • Re-print this image will immediately print that image.
  • Add this image to printer queue will put the image into the queue to be printed and it will print accordingly.
  • Open file folder: This will open the watched folder which contains the image that was placed in the mosaic tile.
  • Show this image: If you have the Mosaic Player active, clicking this option will trigger the mosaic player to display that image in full size again on the mosaic player.


Additional controls are available if you right-click anywhere in the print queue tray.

  • Refresh print queue: This will refresh the printer queue if your printer queue for the latest available sticker image to be printed.
  • Print this image: Prints the image that is highlighted in the Print Queue.
  • Delete selected print from queue: This will delete the specified print from the print queue.
  • Delete entire print queue: This option will delete every single print currently in your print queue.
  • Delete selected print from queue and from disk will completely remove this file from your pc.
  • Delete entire print queue and from disk will completely remove this file from your pc.

Double-clicking on one of the completed pages in the print queue tray will open that file in Windows using your default image viewer software.

*Tips: You can click an image that has already been placed on the mosaic in the Live Progress Tab to show that image as a preview in the Live Viewer again.