The Extra Images tab under Event Admin is where you'll select and manage any additional images (other than those being captured by your guests) that you wish to employ in filling out your mosaic. This can help prevent there from being downtime in the creation of the mosaic, even if new guest content isn't being captured.


The first thing to do is to populate and/or select your Extras images folder. By default, the "extras" folder will be created for your session. You are welcome to drop your desired extra images into that folder or click on the linked file path in the lower part of this section to select a folder on your hard drive to serve as the Extras folder.


Once your Extra Images folder has been selected and contains content, you will see thumbnail previews of that content in the preview window of the Extra Images Display Viewer section, as well as a tally of available images just below. 

  • Activate "Add Images" to the Watched Folder: This is the control function that enables or disables the extra images feature to add images to your mosaic.
  • Continue add images as duplicates: This feature allows you to continuously duplicate your extra images folder to add images to the watched folder when the originals have all been used.
  • Frequency(Image/Minute): Allows you to indicate in minutes, how often an extra image should be added to the mosaic.
  • You can also adjust how your images are displayed and the order is added to the mosaic by using the Selection Sequence feature. Images on the far left are what gets added first. 


Dynamics Optimization 

  • Target amount of images/minute: Checking this option allows you to indicate to the software how many images you expect to target per minute being placed on the mosaic.
  • Aspired System Speed: Allows you to decide how much of your system resources should mosaic use. Optimized option is the best selection as the mosaic will take and release resources from the computer system where necessary. 
  • Move from Waiting to Watched (img/min): This allows you to set a time interval for images to automatically move from waiting to watched folder without your input.
  • Move from Hashtag to Waiting (img/min):  This allows you to set a time interval for images to automatically move from hashtag to waiting folder without your input.