This tutorial guide will explain what is Contest Mode and what are its features.

Contest Mode: A really cool and fun way to interact with your guests via a mini game using random winners or placing a random logo within your live Mosaic activation.

1. Random Winners: When checked, you can indicate how many winners should there be during your live Mosaic activation. You can indicate up to 100 winners. Winners are randomly chosen at a random location on the digital Mosaic where a guest's image was placed. 

2. Random Logo: A logo image chosen by you would be randomly placed on the digital Mosaic activation. You can indicate how many random logo images you want to have placed on your digital Mosaic. The max is 100 logo images.

3. Logo Image Link: This link allows you to directly browse for the specific logo image you want to have randomly placed on your digital Mosaic. If you want to manually insert a logo image of your choosing, you must first save that image in the "Sources" folder in the Muse Mosaic's Folder directory.