The Printers tab under the Event Admin tab is where you will select your printer(s) for the session, review overall Printer Settings, and update additional print settings, as needed.

1. Multiple Printers Selection: Here is where you will select your printer(s) for printing. You can select one or multiple printers for print spooling.

2. Printer Settings: This is a status menu that shows you your printer driver settings and your paper size requirements. They must both match in order to get your printer to print correctly. The driver settings are associated with your windows printer driver settings. You'd need to adjust those settings manually if it does not match the paper size requirements. Once it matches, the "Paper Orientation" and "Paper Size" status would be indicated "OK" which means your settings are correct.

3. Miscellaneous Printing Settings

  • Print Density: You can adjust your print density using this feature. By default, it is set to 300 DPI.

  • Max Pixels for Image:  You can adjust the max size of the images that comes into the Mosaic. By default, the image sizes are 3000mb. If an image exceeds this size, the image will either be compressed to this size or skipped and not placed on the mosaic if you select the "Skip" option (the skipped image will be saved in the skipped folder in your session). The max file size of an image is 5000mb.

  • Paper Fit: You can set how the print fill-out position is to be if the paper is larger than the mosaic image. By default, this is set to normal.

  • Rotate the image at printer: If for whatever reason, the image that was placed on the digital mosaic is in a wrong orientation, you can set this feature on so that it rotates the image to the correct orientation right before it is printed.

  • Placement on paper: This indicates how you want to position your printed mosaic images on the print paper. By default, it is set to be centered on the print paper. 

  • Amount of Prints: Here, you can set how many times a sticker should be printed. By default, each sticker image is only printed once, but if you increment the value, you can print the same sticker image more than once.