To purchase a license for Muse Mosaic, navigate to our store page at

You will need a Photo Party Upload account, or you can sign up for PPU on that page.

If you already have a PPU account, you can use that page or go to the Software Licenses tab of Event Manager.

Event Manager


Go to the Muse Mosaic sub-tab of the Software Licenses tab in Event Manager, and click Buy New Muse Mosaic License.


On the next page, enter any discount codes you may have and click the Buy button. Then click Accept in the pop up.


You should now see a Thank You page! Copy the redeem code (it will also be emailed to your PPU account email) and input it into the software.

Using Your Redeem Code


Open Muse Mosaic as Administrator by right clicking the app icon and selecting Run as administrator.


On the Home tab, click Activate your License, or In the menu bar, select Tools > User Preferences and click the License tab.


In the pop up window, enter your PPU account email address, the name associated with your PPU account (can be found in your user profile), and your PPU account password.


Copy the Redeem code into the Redeem code box, and click Register the Application.

Congratulations! You've successfully registered Muse Mosaic.