You can now create a timelapse video of your entire mosaic event! To learn more about how to do so, please peruse through this tutorial.

The first prerequisite to creating a mosaic video is to first have a completed mosaic! Once your mosaic is completed, you can then do the necessary configurations in the Video Tab to create your mosaic.

Video Standard size and format

1. Quick: You can use the "Quick" Mode to quickly generate a mosaic video using the default aspect ratio of 16:9 and a list of resolutions available to you. You may click on the drop-down arrow for more resolution options.

2. Custom: You can also choose from a specific set of aspect ratio options and pixel resolutions to create your video.

3. Video Duration Slider: Dragging the slider from left to right will automatically adjust not only the length of your video but also how many images per second playback will occur in your video. The video duration is also directly affected by the Frame Rate option in the Advanced Settings.

4. Create the Mosaic Video: Clicking this button will prompt you to enter a name for the video and you can choose the location to save your video.

5. Pause: Clicking this button will pause the mosaic video creation.

6. Resume: Clicking this button will resume a paused mosaic video that was in the process of being created.

Once you have made the quick and simple configurations, you may now proceed to create your mosaic video by clicking the create button! You will be prompted to give the video a name and have the option to choose where to save the video. 

Advanced Settings

Click Show Advanced Options button to open the advanced settings!

1. Available Video Encoders: You can choose from a list of preset FFMPEG encoders to do your video encoding. If you are not sure which option to choose, you may leave it at default.

2. Max Bitrate: You can also select from a list of bitrate options for the average bitrate of your video.

3. Frame Rate: You can set your video frame rate using a list of available frame rate options, Please take note that adjusting your frame rate also adjusts your video length (duration).

4. Fade out after last frame: Just as the option indicates, this will fade out the mosaic after the last frame in the mosaic has been added in the video.

5. Intro & Outro Duration: This allows you to set a few seconds of blank black screen time in your video to ease in the transition in and out of your mosaic video.

Please enjoy a sample video we've created!

*Please note that not all video players can play video format files. Some video players may not have the necessary codecs to play the video thus leading to an error. We recommend using a VLC Player as it contains all video file formats. Videos generated by Muse Mosaic is encoded via FFMPEG encoders similar to the K-Lite Codecs used for PBU.