This guide will explain how the digital Mosaic logo and backdrop image function in the grand scheme of creating a live digital mosaic.


Live Viewer Logo Image (You must have the live viewer open to see these adjustments.)

  • Live Viewer Logo Preview: Shows a preview of the image you selected. This image should be a transparent png.
  • Position Horizontal: Allows you to adjust your overlay horizontally.
  • Position Vertical: Allows you to adjust your overlay vertically.
  • Size: You can resize your logo image using this function.
  • Live Viewer Logo File Path: Allows you to browse for your logo image.

Backdrop Image

  • Backdrop Image Preview: Shows a preview of your backdrop image.
  • Backdrop Image File Path: Allows you to browse for your backdrop image.

* Neither the backdrop image nor the live viewer logo affects your physical print out of your stickers. It does not affect your physical mosaic in any way. The two features also do not affect the final output of your digital mosaic image. They are only applied to the live viewer during live progress. The live viewer logo should be treated as an overlay but it does not save in your final digital mosaic image. Similarly, the backdrop image is a substitute for using a color background. As your digital mosaic begins to fill out, the backdrop image will be replaced with your billboard image and placed images.