The Misc tab contains various functions that works hand in hand with the live build up of your mosaic. Take a look below at some of the features.


Winner Images

  • Winner Frame Preview: Shows a preview of the overlay frame that will be applied to the digital preview of a winning image. This image is a transparent png.
  • Activate the Winner locations: Checking this option will turn on the winner feature.
  • Amount of Winners: Allows you to indicate how many winners should there be for a particular mosaic activation. You can add up to 100 winners.
  • Randomize: By default when you activate the winner feature, your winning locations are predetermined by the software. If you don't like the randomized locations generated by the application, you can click the "Randomize" button to re-random the winning locations.
  • Show Location on Winner Image: This will display the location (i.e. R5C6) on the winning image on the live viewer preview.
  • Apply the Winner Image Frame: Checking this option will apply the winner-frame image.
  • Show as Pop-up: Choosing this option will enable the winner feature to temporarily interrupt your mosaic progress by showing a pop-up indicating a winner and you must click away the pop-up to continue with live progress.
  • Only show and hide: This option will show the winner image temporarily for 2-3 seconds on the live view screen if an image was placed in a winning location. It will not prompt you that an image was placed in a winning location.
  • Do nothing: This option will not show any prompt nor show the winning image. It will simply get placed in the winning location discretely.
  • Winner Frame File Path: Allows you to browse for the winner frame image. 

Logo Images

  • Random Logo Preview: Displays a preview of the logo image.
  • Random Logo: Checking this option will allow you to add a logo image as a placed image on the digital mosaic periodically.
  • Random Logo File Path: Allows you to browse for a logo image.

Dynamic Optimization

  • Target amount of images/minute: Checking this option allows you to indicate to the software how many images you expect to target per minute being placed on the mosaic.
  • Aspired System Speed: Allows you to decide how much of your system resources should mosaic use. Optimized option is the best selection as mosaic will take and release resources from the computer system where necessary.