This guide's system requirements are strictly for running Muse Mosaic and does not account for you running our other software in parallel to the mosaic software. Please scale up your system resources as needed if you intend to run multiple programs in parallel with the mosaic software.


    i5 Intel or Ryzen 5 AMD processor

    4 GB RAM memory

⦁    128/256/512/1TB HDD or SSD

    Windows 7 32 bit

    19" Monitor with 1280 x 1024 pixels (4:3)


    i7 Intel or Ryzen 7 AMD processor

    16 GB RAM memory

    128/256/512/1TB HDD or SSD

    Windows 7/8/10 64 bit

    21.5" Monitor with 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9)

*SSD Hard disk is preferred over the traditional hard disk. 

**Note: Please keep in mind that these are only guidelines for your system requirement. The larger your mosaic, the more RAM and CPU will be utilized. So please scale up your system as necessary to get the job done. Mosaic uses RAM for bit-mapping and your processor to read and write images from folder to folder. The bigger your mosaic, the more RAM it will use and the more CPU processing power will be required to avoid any sluggish operation or unintended crashing of the software due to lack of system resources. Feel free to reach out to us at 323-473-4883 or email us at if you have any questions regarding the system requirements.