With our application called Barcode DSLR Capture, you can scan guest barcodes, take their picture, and have any pictures associated with the scanned barcode available to your guest all without the use of Photo Booth Upload.

Required Hardware / Software:

Canon DSLR

Tethering cable from DSLR to PC

Windows PC

Barcode Scanner

Barcode DSLR Capture Application

PPU Helper

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is in beta. For more information, contact support@laphotoparty.com.

Bar Code Scan Gallery

You'll need to create a Bar Code Scan Gallery to configure the web page your guest will access to login and retrieve their media. To do so, please follow these steps:


You will need to have access to login.partyuploads.com via your PPU account. An "Event" needs to be created in advance of your setup, so go ahead and do that. Once you have your event created, select the green Bar Code Scan Galleries option. It appears like so:


In this page, we will see the list of all Galleries that you've created. If you have not yet made a gallery, select the Add New Bar Code Scan Gallery option.


When creating a new Gallery, you'll be prompted to fill out a few fields like so:

Name: The name of the gallery that will appear in your gallery list.

Description: Include a description for reference of what is being created for the specific gallery. This will not be visible to your guests.

Master Code: Create a code that you can enter when prompted to login to view ALL photos taken. This will be the code used to access all the pictures in a gallery for the event you are doing. This is the code you would put in instead of the barcode. Like a major skeleton key.

Login Template: Enter custom HTML settings to allow your guests to login to the gallery. (Please contact support for the HTML template)


Further down the page the settings continue:

Gallery Template: Here you can enter the custom HTML for how the guests image will be viewed once logged into the gallery.

Survey Template: Should you want to include a survey, you can include the custom HTML for a survey to appear on the gallery.


When Enable Survey Email is enabled the following fields appear. When enabled, a prompt will a appear after your guest signs in to ask the guest for their email. This data will then be collected and available as a downloadable spreadsheet.

Survey Email From: Enter an email that will be used to send email. Please note that you should use an @domain that you own to prevent risk of emails being flagged as spam.

Survey Email Subject: Enter the subject line that will appear on the email.

Survey Email Body: Include text that will appear within the body of the email.


Lastly, if you're going to be using a custom URL for where the images will be hosted, enter it in the Custom URL box. This is optional, and we'll need to do some server side adjustment to make it work with your custom URL. Please contact support to finish the Custom URL setup.

Once you're finished making your edits, click Save and you'll be returned to the Bar Code Scan Gallery.


Once you have submitted a new gallery, the gallery will populate with details including the date it was made, the name of the gallery, a test link to the gallery, the number of uploads, the number of events used with, and download options for Barcode Uploads and Survey Answers.

Applying the Gallery to your Event


Once the gallery has been made, create a new event or select an existing event to edit in Event Manager.


In your event settings, navigate to the Extras section and select Barcode Scan Gallery.


Select the Bar Code Scan Gallery drop down and select the appropriate gallery you would like to use. 


Make any further adjustments needed to your event and press Submit then Accept to save your Event settings.


Once the gallery has been applied to your event, Launch PPU Helper and navigate to the configure window to refresh your event settings to have the gallery applied. A new field will then show up in the Helper Configure Menu right near the bottom of the Helper. It will be located in the area marked in red. 

Using Barcode DSLR Capture

Download and install Barcode DSLR Capture

If you have not already done so, now is the time to tether your DSLR camera to your Windows PC via USB.

Once the DSLR camera is tethered to the PC with the DSLR capture software running, launch PPU Helper and select your barcode event.


Launch Barcode DSLR Capture and this window should appear:


Under Mode, you can choose Camera and Watched Folder.

Camera will allow you to use the camera normally with the shutter button, and will add barcode numbers to the file name. If you don't see the camera and you can confirm that it is connected and switched on, click Refresh to locate the camera.

With Watched Folder selected, you'll be presented with an option to browse the folders on your computer to change the watched folder. Any images added to the watched folder will be automatically uploaded to the barcode gallery. This is useful if you want to test your gallery and image without the need of having a camera, barcode, or barcode reader. The file name should be in this format:


The code inside the brackets is the barcode and is the code that will be entered in your website. Our DSLR scan app will add a time stamp the the beginning of the file name, and we have the option to add a file name prefix.


Under the Output Folder section, press browse to assign the output folder to match that of the Watched folder in PPU Helper. Once assigned, select Sync with Helper. If the Helper is connected successfully, a field will populate in the log stating so.


Select Check Duplicates for the system to indicate any duplicate bar codes that have been registered in the system. The Gallery ID will display the barcode ID when scanned. The scanned barcode will then appear in the Active Barcodes box. This box will display the currently scanned and activated barcodes. This is useful if you wish to scan multiple barcodes of guests within the same photo session. Please Note: You must scan a new barcode between guests/groups or any following pictures taken will be associated with the previously scanned barcode.


Lastly the Photo Count: Displays the number of photos within the session and the Log will indicate various pictures taken or any errors reported within the system.


After verifying your settings, you may begin taking scanning barcodes and taking photos.

Feature Pricing

The cost for Barcode scanning are $50 per event charged in addition to the relevant package cost that you have selected in your Profile while the event is active. For example, if the Pay Per Event option were enabled for this event ($30), adding barcode scanning would make it a total $80 charge for the event per day.