The backup and restore process of a mosaic can be quite confusing with all the folders of images and the separation of a settings file (mprx) and a backup file (mmx). As such, this guide will guide you through in a step by step manner on how to backup and restore your mosaic.

The simplest and easiest way to use the mosaic backup and restoration process is to remember the four options in File Menu: Export Settings, Export All, Load Mosaic Settings, Import All. Once you've learned how to utilize these four options, then backing up and restoring your mosaic at any given point in the progression of a mosaic creation will be easy and simple.




1. Let us create a new session. You will then proceed to configure your mosaic settings. 


2. Once you are done with your settings configuration, use the "Export Settings" option in File Menu to export a backup copy of your settings configuration. Be sure to give it a name (usually a name associated with your event name for easy recognition).


3. Next, you can begin your mosaic. At any given point in time, you can pause the mosaic in the Live Progress Tab and go to File Menu and click "Export All" to export a complete copy of your mosaic progress up to that point in time of the progress of your mosaic. If you need to pause your mosaic and resume another day during a multi-day mosaic event, then exporting a full backup copy of your mosaic progress is absolutely crucial here.


4. If you wait for your mosaic to complete, the software will also automatically prompt you to create a full backup. Through a normal course of mosaic creation, this is the step where you actually want to create your full backup save if you are not doing a multi-day event.


1. The restoration process of the mosaic is extremely simple and easy to use. If you closed your software and you want to rebuild the mosaic back to the exact placements as before and you have not changed the session, simply use the Load Recent Mosaic button located on the Home Tab and choose Rebuild Most Recent


2. If you want to restore or transfer a specific settings configuration you’ve created previously, go to File Menu -> Load Mosaic Settings to load your Mosaic mprx settings file. After doing do, you can proceed to load your billboard image and make additional configurations where necessary.


3If you are looking to restore a past complete mosaic session or a previously backed up incomplete session, go to File Menu -> Import All and choose your corresponding mmx backup file to restore from. This is the part where if you named your backup files accordingly to the name of your events, it will help tremendously in relocating the specific backup to restore. Please note that this option is to recreate a mosaic that was fully backed up. It is not meant to transfer settings configuration from system to system.

4. Once you have selected the backup file to restore, click open to begin the restoration process. You will notice the progress window when restoring indicating how many files are being restored. Furthermore, a new session titled "Import" will be created in your Muse Mosaic Folder on your Desktop to keep track of the restored session.

Restoration Progress

Upon finishing the restoration, you will be greeted with the prompt to restore your mosaic

After the recreation, you will be notified that your mosaic has been restored

With that, you are finished with the restoration! You can now click pause or resume in the Live Progress Tab to continue from where you left off if your mosaic was incomplete. If you want to save a copy of the digital mosaic because your mosaic is already complete, you will need to first to go Live Progress and pause the mosaic. Then proceed to Event Admin -> Save Mosaic Image Tab to manually save the digital image. You can also use the File Menu -> Save Mosaic Image option to do the same action. 

Bonus! Timeline Restoration


If you decided that you want to restore to a specific time in your mosaic and continue from there, you can do so by going to the Home Tab -> Load Recent Mosaic -> Let Me Select

Simply select the restoration point that you want to restore your mosaic from and click "Apply Selected Backup"

You have successfully completed the backup & restoration process for Muse Mosaic!

If you need any assistance with the backup and restoration process, feel free to contact us by phone 323-473-4883 or email us at