This guide explains the different approaches you can take to swapping between mosaic sessions, as well as reverting your mosaic to a previous session or settings configuration.

Full Backup Export/Import

This option backs up EVERYTHING about the Mosaic from the point at which the backup is made (whether the Mosaic is complete or not). This is useful if you are swapping between mosaics, or swapping between licensed computers that have Muse Mosaic installed.*

1. Backup your current session by clicking "Export All" in your File Menu. Give the file a name and save it.

2. Click "Import All" to import a previously backed-up session, to continue work on it.

Repeating these two steps will allow you to swap between sessions. Keep in mind that every time you import, you are basically making a new duplicate (clone) of the session, so you can import the original file again if you want to start over.

Settings Only

The settings approach will ignore your watched folder images. This approach will save ONLY your current mosaic billboard image and settings. This is useful especially if you are creating several different mosaics all setup the same way.*

1. Go to File Menu -> Export Settings, give your file a name and save it. You can find this file in your Muse Mosaic Folder (on the desktop) -> Backup subfolder.

2. To use or import the setting, simply go to File Menu -> Load Mosaic Settings.

*Please note that you can download a demo version of Muse Mosaic, create your settings or backup file and then transport it via email or any form of file transfer to a license version of Muse Mosaic and import the files to be used.