See below for the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the setup and use of MUSE MOSAIC.


What's the maximum number of images that can be included in a mosaic?

The maximum number of images for any one mosaic is approximately 10,000. Be sure to check the storage capacity on your PC, no matter how large your mosaic is going to be, to make sure that you can support the desired number of images.


What type of images does Muse Mosaic use to create a mosaic?

JPEG/JPG and PNG images are recommended.


What printer do you recommend for printing mosaic stickers?

We recommend the Primera LX500C printer as they are capable of printing both 2x2in and 4x3in stickers.


Can I move my license to another computer if I already registered it?

While we do not encourage the movement of licenses, you are welcome to move your Muse Mosaic license to any device with the Mosaic App installed and use your license on it. However, each license can only be active on 1 computer at any given point in time. Thus, you cannot use the same license to conduct two different mosaic events on two different computers at the same time with the Mosaic App installed. 


Do I have to purchase a powerful, high-spec laptop computer in order to use Muse Mosaic?

No, you do not. Muse Mosaic is perfectly capable of running on a budget laptop with low specs. However, the size of your mosaic, the number of images involved as well as the various programs that you want to run on your laptop computer in conjunction with Muse Mosaic will directly impact what type of computer you need. The bigger your mosaic, the more computational processes you want to run, and the more specs will be needed on your computer.