This article provides instructions on how to add and/or create graphics and animations which can be used in one or all of your Virtual Booth web pages.


Prepare the graphics you want to use for your GIF in another program. JPG backgrounds are required, but overlays are optional. If you want to use overlays, you will need the same amount of PNG overlays as JPG backgrounds (we strongly suggest numbering them 01, 02, etc.). You also have the option of uploading a single PNG logo overlay file which will cover the entire GIF. The logo overlay file should have the same pixel dimensions as your JPGs and PNGs.


Navigate to the Virtual Booth tab of Event Manager and click on the Virtual Booth Graphics button.


Click the Create New Animation link in the upper left.


You should now be in the GIF creation page. You should see a blank preview window that you can drag around and reposition.

Start by adding a unique name for your GIF in the Animation ID field.


Then select the page you want to assign it to in the GIF Creation box.


Next to Background Files click Choose Files and select all the background images for your GIF. Do the same for Overlay Files and Overlay Logo if you have them.

You should now see the GIF animate in the preview box.


Animation Speed dictates the millisecond delay between each frame of your GIF. This means that lower numbers will result in a GIF that plays faster. Inputting 100 will result in a GIF that plays back at 10 frames per second.

Input the millisecond delay you would like in the box.


The Active checkbox indicates whether or not the GIF is available in the selected creator page.


Press Create and you're done!


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