This article provides the information you need to embed your entire Virtual Booth site on another web page.

Your Virtual Booth’s event link is already configured to be used as an embedded link. 

Use this code...

<iframe src="PasteYourVirtualBoothLinkHere" title="NameOfYourSite"></iframe> embed a Virtual Booth event on any site you want. 

Be sure replace the PasteYourVirtualBoothLinkHere with the link, just like it says, and replace NameOfYourEvent with the site's name, and you're all set.

Here is an expanded version of the iframe syntax that allows for more customization and it includes the camera/mic access code in the event your subdomain has elements or settings that will break Virtual Booth's camera capture integrations.


       title="ANY NAME YOU WANT"





       allow="camera; microphone"


Note: Always test the iframe on the site you are using it on. Sometimes, other elements or settings on the designated site might break existing integrations of the virtualbooth event causing some functions to not work properly. Thus, please be sure to test well ahead of time. If the virtualbooth event operates properly on its own domain, then the issue likely lies within your implementation of the iframe when embedding it on the designated site.


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