You can install a Ring Light to your INFINITE booth for wonderful light effect. Follow along below to learn how to install the Right Light. This tutorial specifically pertains to the latest model of Ring Light, released in 2020.

Tutorial Video - Infinite Ring Light Installation from LA Photo Party - Products on Vimeo.


Open the front and back of your INFINITE.




Remove the backing of the adhesive Velcro piece and place it on the shelf, on the far right next to the cable track. This is where your ring light dimmer will be attached.


Feed the red and black cables through the camera portal on the front door, from front to back, fitting the back of the ring light into the opening.


Screw the gray piece onto the back of the light to secure it. Be careful to thread the wires through it, as well.


Place the dimmer box/switch through the front of the booth, placing it near its soon-to-be Velcro home.


Connect the red wire coming from the dimmer box to the red wire on the Ring Light.


Feed the power cable and plug from the dimmer down through the cable track, and secure the dimmer switch to the Velcro.


Plug the dimmer switch into your power strip in the floor of the booth.


Power up your booth and use the dimmer switch to bring your new ring light to life!