Photo Booth Upload allows your guest to receive their media by scanning a QR code on the screen, without having to enter an email address, phone number, or touch anything on the booth. To use this feature, you must have made a PPU event with Unique URL enabled in one of your sharing options.

Follow along below to learn how!

Step 1.

Create an event in PPU Event Manager, and make sure Unique URL is enabled for any share option. It doesn't matter which option has Unique URL enabled.

Step 2.

On the same computer in which you're going to use PBU, run PPU Helper and download and select the event you just made.

Step 3.

Open PBU and navigate to the Misc tab of PBU settings.

Step 4.

In the Misc tab, check the box labeled Share by QR code:

Do not enable any of the other options in the RFID/Barcode section.

Step 5.

That's it! Make sure that Disable Share Screen is NOT checked in PBU Settings > Preferences, and your guests will be presented with this screen when sharing:

Note: Your media must first upload to the Unique URL page before the QR code is shown. This may take some time depending on your upload speed and size of media.