If you'd like to use Stickers/Digital Props with Virtual Booth, this tutorial will show you how to select Stickers for use in your Virtual Booth site, as well as adding new Stickers to your PPU account.

Part 1 - Enabling Stickers on your Virtual Booth site


Start by editing your Virtual Booth site by clicking the Edit link to the left of your Virtual Booth Site name, or create a new site by clicking Create New at the top of the Virtual Booth Sites list.


In the edit window, click the STICKERS section to expand it, then check the box labeled Use Stickers.


In the folder list on the left, select one of the folders that has the stickers you want to use. Then, in the Digital Props panel on the right, click the stickers you want to use to highlight them.

You can select multiple stickers from multiple different folders!


That's it! Submit your site, and your guests will be able to add stickers to their images or GIFs!

Part 2 - Adding Stickers/Digital Props to your Library


To add Stickers/Digital Props, go to the Digital Props tab in Event Manager.


Select a folder on the left where you want your new sticker to be stored. Then click the +Add button to add your file to the folder.

Your file can be no larger than 400x400 pixels in size, and it must be a PNG file with transparency.

You can also add a new folder by clicking the Create New Folder button at the top.

That's it! Any Stickers/Digital Props you add here will be ready to be added to your Virtual Booth site (or any PPU event).